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    What do think about the ball type which is currently in use on the ITF tournaments? Please explain your thoughts.

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    On the ball I think it should continue for the moment, because it is easy to acquire because of the large market for kids tennis, be a ball already known, if it is a lot ball lighter the wind would influence too much, heavier the game is very fast, I think this aspect is good for now.

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    Chris Maguire
    Chris Maguire

    It would be interesting in the future to see if a new ball could be designed specifically but for the moment there are certain Type 2 Orange balls that react in different ways:
    e.g. HEAD balls are very lively and bounce a lot whereas a ball like Artengo is less reactive and in my opinion more suited to Beach Tennis.

    – CM

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      Hi Chris, we are also working on that, asking ITF to push for a specific beach tennis ball. For our opinion it should be softer as many stage2 balls. At Aruba some test with new balls has been organized with ITF. As soon as we have more information, we will let know….

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