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    Giancarlo Se risi
    Giancarlo Se risi

    good morning I would like to know your point of view on how to attract new sponsors on events. And what the players can offer over the matches.

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    Hello Giancarlo,

    it is a very interesting and important question. In general the marketing for Beach Tennis has to improve. The sport has to be more visible … in TV, social media, news papers etc.

    If an organiser succeed to promote his/her event well, new sponsors will be attracted. Therefore, the organiser should have somebody in the team, who is specialised in this, and is creating a marketing plan for the event. It is important, that the tournament is not only promoted on social media, but on more different channels, also with a regional strategy to attract people to come and watch. This will attract local sponsors as well. If nobody knows, that a great event takes place, how can sponsors and spectators be attracted? This is one key point for sure!

    Another important point is to involve the players, who are participating at the tournament for media purposes (interviews, social media updates, tv etc.). All this should be included in the marketing plan of the event!

    What do you think?

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    Giancarlo Se risi
    Giancarlo Se risi

    hello to everyone, I think that the problem of the growth of the sport is also given by the duration of the event, more and more compressed, except for Aruba and the world. this penalizes us. from this year we are trying to take a common path with other organizers trying to put on the plate more tournaments with the same format and standards, but we also have difficulties, some organizations are not ready or are not only available to offer their partners more events, for fear of losing something they already have. this mental limit means that without prejudice to the rules of the game, the formats are many and not always appropriate to how they should be, this affects some investors who can not invest as much as they could because they are conditioned by border situations. the presence of a large group of top players should be guaranteed for at least 4/5 days, the same should make themselves available for fun activities and at this stage in my humble opinion could offer their image, during the tournaments and start in this way to undertake relationships that can lead to the same sponsorships. all this currently does not happen, with some exceptions, this is a limit of the game too overestimated by all, we have great room for growth but this must be common and gradual for all organizations otherwise the risk is to create a gap too big between what it’s beach tennis and what you want to make believe it’s in reality. an example on all I was a player more than a jackpot increase I would ask for more hospitality for all more TV SAT plus collateral events, fewer camps more days, partner workshops, attend the official activities of the event etc. etc.

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