Dear Beach Tennis Community,

The Beach Tennis Players Association (BT-PA) was created by the end of 2017 to work on the development of our beloved sport Beach Tennis. Our main goal is to improve the international Beach Tennis Tour and make it more professional and attractive for TV, livestream and sponsors. Therefore we prepared different tools, in order to enable all players and organizers to participate actively in developing the sport. We would like to share ideas, and be “the voice and link” between players, organizers and the ITF.

In the past couple of months you did not hear a lot from us as we first had to get started. We already had many meetings and discussions with the ITF in order to improve the ITF Beach Tennis Tour. Since May 2018 the ITF Beach Tennis department has a new structure and manager, with whom we work closely together. However, we are not happy about the latest ITF news – the new ITF tournament system for 2019 (link here). We would like to discuss with you about the developments on the tour, new ideas & possible solutions here in our forums and as well in “Player’s Meetings” like at the Aruba tournament.

Please respect that all of us are doing this as a voluntary add on. Endless discussions and unnecessary comments do not support our goals. Productive discussions and constructive feedback is very much appreciated. The BT-PA has been created to work closely together with players, organizers and the ITF in order to make our sport as professional as possible … because together we are stronger!

Enjoy the website, and let us know about your thoughts.

Your BT-PA