About BT-PA


The Beach Tennis Players Association (BT-PA) was created by the end of 2017 to work on the
development of our beloved sport Beach Tennis. To get started with the BT-PA we had our first elections of player’s representatives in November 2017 within the Top-30 ITF male and female players. However, the BT-PA is not only representing the Top-30 players, the BT-PA is representing all pro-players, and organisers of pro-events. With an organic growth, and an active membership-system, we can make elections within a bigger number of players for 2020.


Current Player’s Representatives – BT-PA Commission:

Vinicius Font (Brazil)

Maraike Biglmaier (Germany)

Michele Cappelletti (Italy)

Patricia Diaz (Venezuela)


Inside the BT-PA Committee are all player’s representatives, and Yves Fornasier (Switzerland), who is also one of the founders of the association.